Can I get a free sample before I place my order?

Sure, do visit TENA.com.sg, write in to sg.consumer.care@vinda.com with your name, contact number, address, preferred product and size, or call 1800 466 3002 to request for your samples.

Can I buy 1 pack or 1 piece of the product of my choice?

Unfortunately, we do not have that offering at this point in time.
All products are sold by the carton.


What does TENA Subscription & direct Singapore charge for delivery?

All orders placed via the TENA Subscription & direct Singapore site are free of charge for 1st & 2nd delivery.  Any request for changes to delivery date/ timing/ shipping address, from the one that was originally specified during order placement, is considered a 2nd delivery attempt. Every redelivery post the 2nd attempt will be charged with a “re-delivery” fee.

How much is the re-delivery charges?

It is a flat fee of $12.85 (inclusive of GST).

When will my order be delivered?

Delivery date and timing will be based on your selection when you place the order.

Deliveries are made only on Mondays – Saturdays, excluding Sundays and Public Holidays.

There are 3 time belts available for selection – (1) 9am – 1pm, (2) 2pm – 6pm, (3) 6pm – 10pm.

The day the order is received, as long as it’s before 1159am, is considered day 0.

You can choose to have the products delivered from day 4 to day 14 excluding Sundays and public holidays. In the event we cannot deliver based on your selected slot, our team mates will work with you to reschedule delivery timing.

Can I have my orders delivered to any address?

Please indicate within the system if you wish to deliver to a different address from what’s being registered in our site.

For consumers who subscribe to our 3 month bundles, we will send to the same delivery address indicated in the site when you place order on a monthly basis.

Will I know if the delivery guy is reaching soon?

Our delivery team will alert you via SMS when they are on the way to your designated venue. Should you wish to make some last minute changes on delivery timing / date or address, you can work with the guy via SMS.


What is subscription service about?

We have created some common bundles which consumers purchase. You can choose to order a 3 months subscription to the bundles. In other words, you will just have to pay once for 3 months’ worth of products of your choice, and we will deliver the full quantities in 3 batches, once per month.

When will you deliver if I order subscription service?

The first batch will be delivered based on your selected date and timing. Future 2 batches will be delivered on the same date and time slot of the next month. Should the date fall on a Sunday, we will deliver the bundles on following Monday instead. Should you require changes to the timing or day of deliveries, you may work directly with the delivery team upon receipt of their SMS.

Can I change the order after 1st delivery?

Unfortunately, we are not able to allow for changes to the products at this point in time. The bundle you have selected will be the bundle delivered for 3 months.

Can I alter the quantities for each delivery?

Unfortunately we do not have that offering at this point in time. We will average each product by 3 and send in 3 different batches. Example if you have ordered a TENA Value M 3 months subscription bundle, it will consist of 6 cartons of TENA Value M. We will send 2 cartons on the 1st delivery, another 2 cartons on 2nd and 3rd deliveries respectively.

Can I stop the subscription service?

After payment is made, we will not allow cancellation of the subscription service. Your subscription order will be automatically stopped after the last batch of products is delivered.

Can I return or refund the products?

Unfortunately, we do not accept requests for refunds or returns at this point in time. Should there be a case where you need to bring to our attention, you may call our consumer care line at 1800 466 3002 or email sg.consumer.care@vinda.com. Our consumer care colleagues will handle on a case to case basis.


Payment options

We only accept credit/debit card payment.

When will I be charged?

Your payment will be processed immediately


Why should I register with your TENA Subscription & direct Singapore site?

Registering with TENA Subscription & direct Singapore makes future purchases easier as you won’t have to resubmit all your details each time. You can also benefit from our subscription service which means we help you remember to place order for the products when it runs low.

Do I need to create an account to shop with TENA Subscription & direct Singapore?

Yes, registering makes future purchases easier and faster.

I’ve forgotten my password. What do I do now?

If you have forgotten your password, click on ‘Forgot your password’. Your password will be reset and a new one e-mailed to your registered email address. In some cases, it may be filtered into Junk/Spam folders. Please check these folders if you do not receive your new password within 24 hours. We recommend that you change this new password back to something you can easily remember.

Can I change or update my e-mail address?

No. Your e-mail address is the way we identify your account. If you want to change this you will have to re-register using your new email address.