TENA Lady Discreet Normal

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TENA Lady is intended for active women who experience light bladder weakness. All TENA Lady pads gives triple protection from leaks, odour and moisture. Just as discreet as a sanitary towel but much more absorbent, TENA Lady keeps individual feeling instantly dry and comfortable.


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  • 20% thinner quick & Discreet protection thanks to MicroPROTEX Technoogy
  • Discreet & comfortable 3D fit due to the asymmetrical shape allowing it to mold to the users’ body
  • Dermatologically tested and soft textile breathable outer material helps maintain healthy skin, keeping user feeling fresh
  • Fresh Odour Control Unique Micro-fresh pearls to reduce development of odour
  • Quick absorption zone to keep wearer dry

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Normal 2745 mm / 9.5 mm